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rosuvastatin calcium

You can stay on brand-name CRESTOR® with innoviCares.

When you choose to receive CRESTOR®, AstraZeneca Canada will provide financial savings towards the cost of your prescription.

This benefit is available in the following provinces and territories: BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, PE, NL, NT, NU, YT

InnoviCares will cover a portion of the cost of brand CRESTOR® and customary mark up to a maximum amount based on a provincial estimate.

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How can we help you pay less for CRESTOR®?

When presented with a prescription at your pharmacy, the innoviCares card enables savings on participating brand-name medications. InnoviCares is funded by participating pharmaceutical manufacturers.

innoviCares is the free card that helps save you money on select prescription medications at pharmacy. It can be used with your existing drug plan or on its own and is accepted at 98% of Canadian pharmacies.

The card program is operated by STI Technologies Limited, an independent Canadian healthcare technology company that works with manufacturers to offer financial assistance for many brand-name medications and healthcare products, including CRESTOR®.

The goal? To help you afford to start – or stay – on the medication and therapies prescribed by your healthcare team.

InnoviCares works like any other drug plan card. Simply take the card to your pharmacy along with your prescription for CRESTOR®. The card will pay a portion of the cost of your prescription automatically, and you don’t have to fill out any paperwork and submit your claim.

If you’ve registered your card, you can log in to your innoviCares profile at any time to see your savings, track your medications and use the innoviCares healthcare management tools available online.

AstraZeneca Canada, the manufacturer of CRESTOR®, has committed to fund this benefit through a partnership with innoviCares.

Your innoviCares card will cover a portion of the cost of a prescription for brand-name CRESTOR® so that you can access CRESTOR® at a similar price to the generic molecule - rosuvastatin calcium. The card will cover customary mark up and dispensing fees to a maximum amount based on a provincial estimate.

AstraZeneca Canada is one of many Canadian pharmaceutical companies that have committed to fund similar programs through innoviCares. That means over 100 brand-name medications and products are now available at an equal or similar price to generic alternative(s), all with just one card†.

Availability may vary by province and over time, and can end at the manufacturer’s discretion.

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