This card gives you original brand name NEXIUM® at little or no additional cost over the generic versions. 

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InnoviCares is a free patient benefit program that provides financial coverage on many medications and healthcare products including NEXIUM®, enabling patients to gain access to, or remain on the medication and therapies as prescribed by their physician.

InnoviCares is fully funded by the pharmaceutical companies who participate in the program. This means innoviCares doesn’t cost you, your employer or your insurance company anything. See below for specific information on coverage and where this offer is available.

AstraZeneca, the makers of NEXIUM®, believes patients should be able to obtain the medications prescribed by their healthcare professionals. With this goal in mind, several AstraZeneca products, for which generic alternatives are available, have been added on the innoviCares patient benefit program to help ensure that cost is not a factor in patients’ treatment decisions.

If you, or someone you know, are prescribed any of the nearly 100 participating products, we invite you to get a free innoviCares card from your healthcare professional or by printing one using the Get Your Card button above.
Your innoviCares card is intended to cover up to the difference in the drug ingredient cost between brand NEXIUM® and the generic esomeprazole, allowing you to receive brand name NEXIUM® at a price similar to the generic alternatives.

InnoviCares for Health Care Professionals

InnoviCares is a free program that provides coverage for a variety of medications and healthcare products – allowing you to provide your patients with greater access and choice.

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