You can stay on brand‑name NEXIUM® through innoviCares

InnoviCares and the makers of NEXIUM® believe you should have the choice to stay on the brand-name medication you know and trust.

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Learn more about how we can make your NEXIUM® prescription more affordable

What is innoviCares?

InnoviCares is a program operated by STI Technologies Limited, a completely independent Canadian company that offers free financial assistance for many brand-name medications and healthcare products, including NEXIUM®

Our main goal: to help you afford to start — or stay — on the medication and therapies prescribed by your healthcare team. 

InnoviCares works in conjunction with your private or public health plans and is accepted at 98% of Canadian pharmacies. 

Why is this program offered at no cost to me?

AstraZeneca Canada, the manufacturer of NEXIUM®, has committed to fund this patient benefit through a partnership with innoviCares. 

Why? Because we believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier between you and the medications your healthcare team has prescribed for you. 

In fact, AstraZeneca Canada is one of many Canadian pharmaceutical companies that have committed to fund similar programs through innoviCares. That means nearly 100 brand-name medications and products are now available at an equal or similar price to generic alternative(s), all with just one card. 

What does innoviCares cover for NEXIUM®?

Your innoviCares card covers up to the difference in drug ingredient cost between brand-name NEXIUM® and generic esomeprazole so that you can access NEXIUM® at a similar price. 

How do I use the card?

Present your innoviCares card to your pharmacist when you fill your prescription. The benefits associated with your product will be automatically applied. Don’t forget to ask for brand-name NEXIUM®.

†Terms may vary by province and over time, and can end at the manufacturer’s discretion.

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